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N.C.T. Testing Nationwide

Results for: N.C.T. Testing

Antrim0 resultsLeitrim1 result
Armagh0 resultsLimerick2 results
Carlow1 resultLongford1 result
Cavan1 resultLouth2 results
Clare1 resultMayo2 results
Cork6 resultsMeath2 results
Derry0 resultsMonaghan1 result
Donegal3 resultsOffaly2 results
Down0 resultsRoscommon1 result
Dublin0 resultsSligo1 result
Fermanagh0 resultsTipperary3 results
Galway2 resultsTyrone0 results
Kerry3 resultsWaterford1 result
Kildare1 resultWestmeath2 results
Kilkenny2 resultsWexford1 result
Laois2 resultsWicklow1 result

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